Men’s Sexual Health

Dr David Millar, formerly Medical Director of Perth Men’s Health has now permanently relocated to the Southwest of WA bringing the latest advances in male sexual health to the South West.
His commitment is to restore men’s sexual health and the quality of couple’s relationships.

Sexual Health Problems

Dr Millar appreciates the courage it takes for men to seek help for these extremely sensitive issues, sexual health problems treated include:
• Erectile dysfunction (inability to get and or maintain full erections)
• Premature ejaculation
• Testosterone deficiency
• Low libido
• Erectile problems following treatment of pelvic cancers such as prostate, bladder or bowel cancer
• Peyronie’s disease
• Ejaculatory problems

Initial Consultation

• $225 – Medicare rebate applies

Follow Up Consultation

• Standard $115 – Medicare rebate applies
• Long $165 – Medicare rebate applies